101 Places to Have Sex Before You Die

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There's a saying: Everyone remembers their first, and everyone remembers their worst. And there should definitely be some special moments in between. That's where 101 Places to Have Sex Before You Die comes into play. This fun, portable workbook provides a list of everyday places where venturesome people can have sex without too much difficulty. Each location features: A difficulty rating (cakewalk to sexperts only). Helpful icons to indicate certain hazards or special considerations for each place (for instance, if there's a chance you might get arrested if there are time constraints if there's a risk of embarrassment if any special equipment is needed, etc.) A box to check once you've successfully completed the deed. A place to mark whether or not it's worth a repeat performance. Whether couples are feeling romantic, adventurous, sporty, lazy or just plain naughty, this book is a must-have for anyone who enjoys a good roll in the hay (or on a floating dock, or even in the reptile house at the zoo).

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