JBoa Adjustable C-Ring

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C-rings are great for men who want to have harder and longer lasting erections. And men who use them report that they experience more pleasurable orgasms too.

This penis ring is adjustable, so it can be used longer than a stretchy penis ring and may feel more comfortable, and it's great to have options!

The JBoa by Velv’Or is a fully adjustable penis ring designed to constrict the penis at its base resulting in super hard, longer-lasting erections, as well as euphoric ejaculations.

To really enjoy the benefits of the JBoa people should wear it as close to their bodies as possible. The closer it is to the base of their penis the better the effect will be. Their erection will be fuller and harder when the JBoa is worn on the correct spot. They can achieve this positioning by pushing the tightened lasso toward their body with their thumbs.

They can enjoy JBoa during foreplay, intercourse, masturbation, edging, etc.

How long they can remain constricted will vary depending upon how tight they have made the grip of the JBoa. When required simply slide the toggle back toward the ends of the silicone cord to loosen the grip of JBoa so that it can be removed.


Dr. Lori

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